Phc News 05 01 2018 E Edition Page 3

ASSOCIATE MEMBER 4 Patent: USA 9,139,991 & 9,010,363 Stop drain odors and bugs Simple one-piece installation 4 press fit models fit 2", 3", 3", 4" drains Patented pressure relief valve Patented memory hinge Economical Saves water and eliminates need for trap primer RectorSeal 2601 Spenwick Drive - Houston, TX 77055 800-231-3345 A CSW Industrials Company 2018 RectorSeal. R50175-118 SureSeal... There is no substitute for superior odor control W a t e r l e s T rap S e a l P r o t e c t i on D e v i c e TRAP PRIMER ODORS BUGS Thick press-fit lining requires no silicone. Patented memory hinge provides superior seal. Patented pressure relief valve prevents air lock. Side hinge operation allows unobstructed flow in heavy drainage solutions. Fits both cast iron or plastic floor drains.

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