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Patent No. 9,010,363; 9,139,991 RectorSeal, the logos and other trademarks are property of RectorSeal, LLC, its affiliates or its licensors and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws, and may not be used without permission. RectorSeal reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. 7 RectorSeal. All rights reserved. R596-7 "$4'/4'&.'.027*+/)'9 0.1-'4'3'$-'6'274+.'9 "$4'/4'&$+22'-+'(6$-6'9 RectorSeal 2601 Spenwick Drive - Houston, TX 77055 800-231-3345 #40135140 8(40(*'$& 12'3352'9 ASSOCIATE MEMBER ,.*#+%)+*+#,,F$%-)")+!)(-+)& #+.1-'0/':1+'%' 2$4%*'4+/34$--$4+0/ Press-fit gasket installation. !03+-+%0/'/''&'&9 SureSeal Plus Waterless in-line floor drain trap seal / backwater protection. Easily installs into any standard 2" or 3" drain. Seal out drain odor, bugs and also provides protection against drain backup. Saves water - eliminates need for trap primer. /5<5=.<0=($'-);7092: (:>3813;?AF?BD ::=4EC?@

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